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What is the raw material of cosmetic brushes that we use most often, and what are their characteristics and advantages?

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Goat hair: It is a common animal hair material for cosmetic brushes. It is soft in texture. Because goat hair itself has high, medium and low grades, it can be divided into more than a dozen grades according to the use and quality. The colors are generally brown, white, black, etc. Meet the requirements of different groups for the material of cosmetic brushes.
Mink hair: It is the best brush hair, soft and moderate in texture. There are few mink hair cosmetic brushes on the market, because the raw materials are expensive, and the price is hundreds of times that of ordinary hair.
Horse hair: The bristles are softer and straighter than wool, but not as elastic as wool, and the hair front feels poorer. It is mostly used as an eye shadow brush and has a high cost performance.
With the world's emphasis on environmental protection, the industry has also made major changes in the use of wool materials. From the original use of animal hair of various qualities to make cosmetic brush heads, it has gradually evolved into the use of man-made fibers instead of animals. Gross production.
With the continuous advancement of industry technology, man-made fibers are made of environmentally friendly nylon particles, which are made into colorful and more flexible fibers than animal hair through processes such as drawing, trimming, peak grinding, dyeing, and mixing. First of all, the hair does not have the irritating smell and fixed color of animal hair itself. The color selection is more abundant, the touch is more gentle and does not prick, and the flexibility is better and it is not easy to break and shed. It solves the embarrassment of the bristles falling off and sticking to the face when applying makeup . And as the man-made fiber wool for cosmetic brushes is becoming more and more stable, the company continues to increase research and development efforts and cost investment according to customer needs, and develops fiber wool with antibacterial and mildew-proof characteristics.
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